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Rise Canyon Ranch strives to make equine-assisted psychotherapy available to all clients. Rise Canyon Ranch is able to fulfill this mission through the generosity of our supporters and the administration of a scholarship program based strictly on financial need. Rise Canyon Ranch Board of Directors believes that no client should be turned away due to finances. Scholarships are based solely on financial need and we request the following application and documentation. The scholarship committee will review all completed applications. If necessary, you may be asked to meet with a committee member to review your application.

All scholarship applications must include each of the following documentation and will not be considered without a completed packet:

  1. Completed Scholarship Application Form

  2. Income Verification: Most recent federal tax return of person claiming participant as a dependent and if applicable: Most recent federal tax return of working adult participant

  3. Submit the first two pages of the IRS income tax return (FORM 1040). Must include the page that contains the taxpayer’s signature and Adjusted Gross Income.

  4. Two most recent pay stubs or unemployment pay stubs

  5. Current lease agreement or mortgage statement and property tax bill

  6. Copy of utility bills from previous month (phone, gas and electric)

  7. Child support documentation

Please complete and return to:

Scholarships up to 80% of the equine-assisted psychotherapy fee may be awarded in the form of credit toward our services; the participant will be notified of this award. The balance of the fee is due at the beginning of the session, unless prior arrangements have been made. Scholarships are based solely upon need and are only available as our donated Scholarship funds are available. Due to limited funds, we ask all applicants for scholarships to make a careful assessment of their financial needs. Final determination of scholarships will be based on the demonstrated financial needs of the applicant and our Scholarship funds available. All scholarships will be given equal consideration based solely on needs without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability.


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