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Change is needed for underserved military

Together, with the ideally-matched horse, Equine Specialist and Licensed Mental Health Professional, individuals and families will engage in ground-based activities that focus on:

  • Addressing the unique needs of current and former service members

  • Preparing a person for deployment

  • Teaching returning men and women how to bridge the gap from combat to civilian life

  • Regaining productive skills such as entering the workforce, rejoining their families and furthering their education

  • Discovering the benefits of the horse-human connection and how vital it is to the healing of trauma

  • Sustaining effective life management skills

  • Fostering awareness and emotional regulation skills

Rise Canyon Ranch is an Eagala Military Services Program. This designation indicates that our treatment teams have extensive military-focused training and a proven track record of success working with service members.

Home was not supposed to feel like this. There’s something stewing and that turmoil has you seeing a world that used to be familiar, but now looks, feels and may even smell different. Making matters increasingly more challenging, your family and friends are different…and so are you. A shift happened when you returned from deployment, which brought confusion about a lot of things that used to make sense. Putting on a good front used to work, but the mask is wearing thin. Varying degrees of impatience, mood changes and feelings of detachment leave you unable to connect with others the way you used to – the way you want to and your frustration has left you exhausted. If you could, you would take your mask off to see life with clarity – something that has escaped you for a while now.

Rise Canyon Ranch focuses on providing equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) services to military service members regardless of ability to pay. Active duty members, reservists and veterans can attend an 8-week EAP program free of charge, based on available funds. The attention we give to helping military service members address their mental health concerns is paramount to our overall mission. We are dedicated to providing an emotionally safe place for them and their families.


Please submit the form below to inquire about our Military program and we will contact you, usually within 48 hours.


Thank you for your interest in our Military program. We will be contacting you shortly.


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