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Welcome to Rise Canyon Ranch

City noise is absent. Instead, wind rustles the trees as unfamiliar sounds beckon your intrigue. The walk to your destination is filled with anticipation. Getting closer you hear the delighted whinny of a horse and the soft, low rumble of voices. You continue and feel a slower pace of life take over. The wide open space frees you from the confines of your day. Within a few dusty steps you realize the road before you holds potential to change your life. You have arrived.


This was the vision Founder, Dr. Theresa DuBois and her husband Dale DuBois dreamt of when Theresa decided to enrich her patients’ therapeutic experience by adding a judgment-free, connection-inducing, outdoor learning-based advantage: equine-assisted psychotherapy. Through her own personal journey she knew the magic a horse could bring to the healing process.


Our mission

Using a horse's ability to help humans heal, we provide the benefits of equine-assisted therapies, regardless of ability to pay.

Horses are strong, yet sensitive, and are the ultimate conduit for processing challenging emotions. Their nature allows them to respond and reflect back what we feel – encouraging a deeper look into our own capacity to create change in our lives. The power of a guided therapeutic session is like no other. A unique human-horse interaction illuminates issues yet to be discovered in a traditional office setting, creating the first step toward awareness and healing. This lends evidence to the belief that all change is possible once the darkness becomes the light.

Theresa and Dale hold fast to the belief that no one should be hindered from experiencing the benefits of equine-assisted psychotherapy. Their days are filled with witnessing results that transcend the ordinary. While there are many who can afford to take part in the process, there are so many others who simply cannot. Therefore, raising awareness and financial support is paramount to their quest to reach all those in need.

Together with their horses, an awesome staff of Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Equine Specialists, volunteers and community support, Theresa and Dale strive to surpass their dreams with every dusty step they take.



What is equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) and equine-assisted learning (EAL)?

Whether the desire for trustworthy connection and healing stems from personal, familial, or business-related dynamics, the solution resides at Rise Canyon Ranch. The path has led you here. It is time to discover the difference our team can make in your life or the life of your clients, coworkers and loved ones. We’ll tell the horses you’re on your way.


Learn about some of the amazing experiences that our clients have had at Rise Canyon Ranch.

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