Weekly sessions may focus on topics such as:

  • Managing stress

  • Active listening

  • Open-mindedness

  • Celebrating

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Relationship

  • Goal setting

  • Overcoming challenges

In a world filled pressure and expectations teens often struggle in their role of exploring new independence and developing a strong sense of self. During this transition to adulthood, horses can offer teens a unique kind of support. Horses invite us to show up just as we are and discover what it means to be true to ourselves.


Rise in Strides is an 8-week equine-assisted psychotherapy group (EAP) designed specifically for teenage girls. This group offers a rewarding and hands-on experience with the horses of Rise Canyon Ranch. Together, participants can expect to engage with horses in fun activities that promote connection, communication and mindfulness. Our hope is that each teenage girl will feel welcomed into an accepting environment where they can unwind and allow friendships to grow. 


Equine-assisted psychotherapy is an experiential form of therapy that integrates the horse-to-human connection. Working with horses allows the opportunity for teenage girls to feel more relaxed, confident, creative, hopeful and empowered in their lives. Our goal is that Rise in Strides offers an encouraging space where teenage girls can explore interests, build meaningful relationships, feel understood and experience a sense of belonging.

Program details

  • 8 weeks, 1 hour per weekly session

  • No riding involved and no horse experience necessary

  • $60 per week

  • Groups of four will be formed based on grade level or age to encourage the most fulfilling and developmentally relatable experience

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