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Whether you are looking for an individual, family or business-related experience, the programs at Rise Canyon Ranch offer unique interactions designed to transform thoughts, emotions and belief patterns that impact lives. Our mission focuses on utilizing the unique power of our gifted team of horses, Equine Specialists and Licensed Mental Health Professionals to activate wellness while striving to offer access to everyone in our community and beyond. We pride ourselves on establishing an emotionally safe, judgement-free, encouraging setting that fosters awakenings, growth and healing.


Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

You will interact with a Licensed Mental Health Professional, an Equine Specialist and your individually-matched “horse partner” through unmounted (you stay on the ground), hands-on activities. The focus will be on helping you develop the ability to gain self-insight and draw conclusions that are used to change your behaviors.

The human-horse bond helps clients develop several skills:

Mutual trust, affection, patience, assertiveness, awareness, responsibility and more.

EAP allows you and your Rise Canyon Ranch team to address:

Fears, anxiety, depression, addictions, emotional traumas, life and coping skills, undiscovered mental blocks and more.


Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL)

This approach to learning promotes the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through equine-assisted activities. You will partner with your horse, Licensed Mental Health Professional and Equine Specialist to reveal your modes of operation, areas of concern and internal landscape.

  • Experience humility

  • Express and learn compassion

  • Reveal patterns of behavior

  • Experience challenge

  • Think in a new and productive way

  • Make progress toward goals

  • Change for the better

  • Explore self-growth and awareness

  • Discover unforeseen insights

  • Learn vulnerability, trust, respect, bravery and honesty

  • Improve communication

EAL allows you the opportunity to:

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