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Lauren Palmer



A pack of horses walk upon a path. Hawaii’s lush greenery and palm trees offer a backdrop of serenity and calm that 6-year old Lauren recalls as the moment she knew horses must be a part of her life — forever. The family vacation came to an end. But this was just the beginning of a deep, abiding fascination and love for horses.


She proudly attests that she was obsessed with horses after the trip and subsequently took numerous riding lessons, which opened the door for understanding the horse-to-human connection. Although dressage and hunter jumper riding wasn’t her favorite, it further expanded her knowledge of horses, and it was all worth it. 


The practice of Natural Horsemanship has greatly influenced her overall view of handling and interacting with the horses she comes in contact with at Rise Canyon Ranch. Through her connection with her own horse, Crackers, and the horses she works with she reaps the benefits and enjoys helping others do the same. 


Each interaction offers a step-away from a hectic world to build common ground, trust, confidence and patience. Struggles with fear and anxiety find resolve through the unique bond that forms during each session. Lauren’s effort to find a method to manage life’s challenges has paid off and she wholeheartedly believes in horse power.


Furthering her education in equine-related fields is on her list, which will include college courses and other certificated programs. The time she spends at Rise Canyon Ranch provides indispensable education as well. 


The view down the career path for Lauren is clear and will include horses every step of the way. Her perspective is unwavering, 


“A lot of people waste their life doing jobs they don’t enjoy. I won’t settle for an unrewarding career. I picture myself being out in nature surrounded by horses and other animals making my path toward that lifestyle.”


The calm Arizona mornings spent caring for and connecting with horses tell her the days ahead hold promise. She looks forward to being a part of helping others tell their stories, explore their recovery and grow to be in a better place — made possible through the gifts horses bring to us all.  

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