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Dale Dubois



There’s nothing like a rearing stallion to convince you….partnerships must withstand life-or-death situations. When Dale’s faithful horse Marah reared to protect him from an aggressive stallion, he knew their bond could save his life. He was always confident that horses had an expansive capacity to emotionally connect with humans. But as far as helping humans in a therapeutic setting, he held out for supporting evidence.

Decades of work as a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy and Assistant Director of Public Safety instilled skepticism and a need for evidence before any conclusions could be drawn. With an open mind and heart he willingly took on the task of exploring the unique gifts horses bring to an equine-assisted psychotherapy session.


Within a few short days of starting his training to become an Eagala Certified Equine Specialist, the evidence overwhelmingly supported the claim that horses impact humans in such a way that new discoveries and growth are certain. Once the certification process was complete, Dale worked alongside his wife, and co-founder Dr. Theresa Dubois to create the vision that is Rise Canyon Ranch.


Dale’s life experience and emotional insight are invaluable in the clinical work done with clients and horses. Years of working with the public taught him the importance of “hearing between the lines.” He is very astute in recognizing what a person says is not necessarily what they mean – a key component to unraveling a person’s truth.


Since 2010 Dale has owned many horses, each with distinct personalities. He attests that the human-horse paring is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Great care is taken to match personalities to best serve the client’s needs. Through consultation with the Licensed Mental Health professional a “best match” is discussed and implemented.


A committed student of “Natural Horsemanship,” Dale embraces the teachings of Ray Hunt, Craig Cameron and Buck Brannaman and others. The methods he learned served him well when building a trusting relationship with Midnight, a horse who came to Dale after enduring daily abuse. Together, they learned how horses build trust, want to forgive, and how they forge a way through incredibly difficult situations with guidance, support and courage.


Today, he witnesses clients and horses forging partnerships that ultimately change the person’s life, making the evidence resoundingly clear.


  • Eagala Certified Equine Specialist

  • Eagala Military Services Individual Designation

  • Horse Powered Reading Instruction

30-year veteran of LA County Sheriff’s Dept.

Assistant Director of Public Safety


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