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Is Your Story What You Want It to Be For 2023?

Dr. Theresa DuBois and Razzi

A fresh start to a new year brings so many opportunities, which can make us feel vulnerable, but also brave to face the challenges ahead. The act of making a decision is the first step to create momentum toward change, growth, and pursuing your dreams.

To look ahead toward possibilities, you must first look back. If you’ve done the work mentioned in our previous Blog Post, ask yourself what has it told you about how you want to participate in your life in 2023? Will it be your time to create a new path, a new history, a new story? If you came up with a list of things you want to happen in 2023, what would be on that list? Don’t hold back.

It’s okay to have dreams, big dreams.

Rise Canyon Ranch would not exist today if it hadn’t been a dream first. In fact, Rise Canyon Ranch was the unknown dream that came out of the unexpected. It all started with the simple desire to ride a horse, and has since turned into a thriving Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine-Assisted Learning practice in California and Arizona.

Founder, Dr. Theresa Dubois shares, “I purchased my first horse Razzi for more money than I had ever spent on anything for myself before. Part of me didn’t feel worthy to have done such a thing. But it was my dream to have a horse. Only three people supported my decision. Others told me all the reasons why I shouldn’t. I was too old. It took too much time. It cost too much money. I was going to get harmed by the horse. It took everything I had to make that dream come true. And if that dream had not come true, there would not be Rise Canyon Ranch.”

What started out as Dr. Dubois simply wanting to ride a horse transformed into a relationship with Razzi that would change her life. She had no idea they would have such a profound emotional connection. It was in the building and understanding of this relationship that she realized her clients needed to learn and benefit from similar human-to-horse interactions.

When it comes to embracing a healthy perspective about goals, aspirations and dreams Dr. Dubois states,

Creating change and pursuing your dream is like crossing that wonky bridge at Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disneyland. You’ve got to trust the process to stay on that wonky bridge long enough to get to solid ground. A lot of times it’s two steps forward, and one step back because it’s too big of a step. But you learn what the truth is. If it was easy, you missed the journey, and you missed the growth.”

While it is obvious that it takes a lot of effort for someone’s dream to come true, you’re the only one that can make it happen. Possibilities are alive and well for creating change and making achievements in our lives. Take baby steps and they will add up, especially if you’re walking alongside a horse.

Is your story what you want it to be, or do you want to change it in 2023?

If you or anyone you know would like more information about how Equine Assisted Psychotherapy offered by licensed professionals can help you focus on the path ahead in a healthy way, please contact Rise Canyon Ranch at 714-477-1630 (Orange County, CA) and 928-288-0780 (Yavapai, AZ). Come for the horses. Stay for the self-discovery.

As discussed with: Dr. Theresa Dubois, PsyD, LMFT

Written by: Anne Kruse

Photo credit: Rise Canyon Ranch


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