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Known for her propensity for all things cozy, Scarlett will climb into your lap and sit with you if you let her – fuzzy blanket preferred. Her smaller stature allows others to adjust to her level to gain a new perspective on how to forge a relationship. She is just the perfect size for people who prefer a less intimidating experience. But rest assure, Scarlett upholds a healthy self-image and is 100% horse. She and Sawyer, her stall mate, are training to one day pull a cart together, something they feel confident about because they make a great team. Foaled in 2007, Scarlett is a Miniature Quarter Horse who loves a good hoof trimming (aka pedicure) and embraces her red hair for the beauty it brings to the world.

Kindhearted, friendly, calm, affectionate, devoted, huggable


Scarlett on the ranch

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