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Estella Lerlo



Let the work begin. The rush of emotion, the ah-ha moment – this is where Stella finds great reward helping others illuminate a path toward wellness and healing. Sifting through old, destructive messaging often sparks reflection that fosters an open, honest sharing that can lead to change. And sitting alongside her clients in these moments is exactly where Stella wants to be.   


Forged from her past, she draws upon her strength and courage to guide others out of chaos and trauma. Her enthusiasm and willingness are anchored in her desire to help individuals and families transcend upheaval. Greatly influenced by her seven children and her husband, she realizes how powerful the pouring of love and care into a family and marriage can be.  


From an early age, Stella realized that being with horses provided her a place of true rest. She also knows that the unique connection horses add to a therapeutic session enhances the effects witnessed in the round pen and beyond. With years of volunteering in horse rescue under her belt, the opportunity to join the team at Rise Canyon Ranch was an ideal fit. She considers herself lucky to have found such a career, a devoted calling in her heart and mind. 


A true believer in the healing and self-fortifying effects that education can bring, Stella secured a B.S. in Business Management and a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Hope University. A practitioner of lifelong learning, she will continue to pursue certifications and an advanced degree as they apply to her work in the therapeutic arena.    


Life experience has taught Stella that one’s past does not relegate you to a life imposed by someone else’s actions. When you can say, “This will not be my life,” and have the tools to create the life you desire, you’re on your way. With horse reins in hand, she works diligently to offer others a safe haven to do their work — to create a true place of rest in their lives.

M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy

B.S. Business Management


Eagala Certified Mental Health Professional



Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (125497)


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