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Izzy Cervero



The desire was so strong she wanted to be one. As a little girl not only did Izzy love horses, but running around the house yelling, “I’m a Forsie. I’m a Forsie” proved to cultivate a connection for life.


Moving to Irvine when she was eight years old opened her world to the gifts a horse can bring. It was her brother’s exposure to horses through therapeutic riding that gave her family unique tools to manage his Asperger’s and ADHD. This decision was made with the hope that working with horses would alleviate some of his worries about transitioning into life in Irvine. It was an effective plan for her brother, and for Izzy.


Being a horse-crazy girl, her mom signed her up for riding lessons without hesitation. Izzy describes the experience as follows:


“The moment I encountered a horse for the first time was when my life changed. On the day of our first lesson I remember being drawn to this particular Paint horse like a magnet. He had a gorgeous mane, a strong stature, a calm presence. But most importantly, when I looked into his eyes I saw myself. Since that moment I’ve been in love with horses.”


Goose bumps! That same horse is her horse today. Twenty-year-old Deco has become a fixture of love in her life. He was the first horse she ever touched, cared for and rode. There came a time when Deco’s original owner fell ill and needed to find Deco a new home. Through clever negotiation, Izzy’s family welcomed Deco into their lives for less than the cost of a bag of carrots. Once the deal was final Izzy yelled, “I have a Forsie!”


Izzy and Deco spend time together at Rise Canyon Ranch and she realizes the blessings bestowed upon her. Life has inflicted struggles upon her family, which calls into question feelings of worthiness. However, once the cow boots go on and a horse is by her side, divine intervention guides Izzy on her way.

An exemplary GPA of 4.2 through her junior year sets her sights on multiple career options. She has plans to attend University of Louisville’s Equine Business Management program once she graduates from high school. An eventual career working with horses and their owners, and especially helping others through equine-assisted psychotherapy are her topline choices.


When asked about her experience volunteering with Rise Canyon Ranch she offers: “Rise Canyon Ranch has equipped me with so many opportunities. But I think the best aspect of the experience is the honesty of all the people involved. They have stood above everyone else, which is such a breath of fresh air. Honesty and integrity are priorities to this organization, and to me.”  

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