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Corinne Raskind



Helping others feel understood in a judgement-free space is paramount to Corinne’s therapeutic practice. Life presents opportunities to form relationships, which can be difficult for some. She has witnessed that connections are formed when we feel understood, resulting in a powerful sense that we are not alone.  


Corinne believes that today’s society poses extreme challenges to forming and maintaining vital human bonds. Our misunderstandings with others have left many people feeling isolated and helpless. She strives to bring clarity to people’s misperceptions that have caused them a lot of pain. Being welcomed into a person’s internal world to help foster a healthy connection-building process is an honor. 


Capitalizing on the strength of the human-to-horse interaction supports her belief that a meaningful connection is not necessarily formed by what is said, but by what is felt. Horses in particular have a way of opening communication with people that make this possible, and often elevate therapeutic outcomes.   


Her fondness for horses dates back to riding them during her childhood, which fostered a strong sense of joy and freedom. While raising her family, her interactions with horses were put on pause. Fortunately, she is riding once again and enjoying all the benefits. Engaging in an active lifestyle that includes physical expression and horses is the perfect combination. 


Corinne secured a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from CSU, Long Beach, a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioc University of Los Angeles, and licensure as a Marriage Family Therapist (MFT), which provides a substantial foundation for serving others. 


Her experience in the areas of substance abuse, family conflict, and anger management, coupled with her interest in eating disorders helps meet the needs of the clients at Rise Canyon Ranch.    


B.A. Psychology


M.S. Clinical Psychology (Psychodynamics)


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (125493)


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