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Ameryn Mickley

Supervised by Dr. Theresa DuBois, PsyD, LMFT # 45316


Paintbrush-to-canvas. Human-to-horse. Both share the space where emotions are expressed, especially those too overwhelming to be shared otherwise. Ameryn’s lifelong passion for horses combined with her artistic gifts, humanitarian spirit and experiences led her to a career destined to help others through Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – her dream job. 


Her love of horses was a constant source of joy and respite for her when she was a little girl, jumping at the chance to ride whenever possible. Being raised by a single mom, she realized it wasn’t financially practical to ride and be around horses 24/7. Instead, she adorned the walls of her bedroom with horse posters and dreamed of one day having a horse of her own. Well, recently that dream came true when, Trilogy, an Arabian, officially became hers rendering posters no longer necessary. 


Extensive travel and living and working overseas offered Ameryn a window into the lives of people around the world. Her work with refugees in the Middle East proved to her that survivors of trauma have an opportunity to build a new future. Whether she was teaching English, business skills to widowed women or facilitating art therapy sessions, she made a profound impact. Helping others process feelings and embrace a sense of freedom of expression tapped into unique healing opportunities.


Securing a M.A. degree in Marriage Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counseling, and multiple certifications including EAGALA Licensed Mental Health Professional makes for a well-rounded practitioner who is humbled by those who welcome her into their story of healing and recovery. 


Utilizing her training and experience in EMDR, sensorimotor art therapy, Trauma-focused Equine Assisted Therapy, suicide prevention, domestic violence, sexual assault, PTSD, child and adolescent trauma, depression, anxiety, and others, she fulfills her sense of purpose. Ameryn confesses, 


“I still can’t believe that all the things I really enjoy and have compassion for can be merged into one job.”   

Ameryn’s dedication to humanitarian causes will remain a constant in her life. The same teamwork and collaboration needed in these efforts mirrors that of the dynamic team approach at RCR. It takes a stellar team of mental health professionals, incredible horses, and awesome volunteers to help others heal. Ameryn is up for all of it.

M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, 
Processional Clinical Counseling

Religion: Intercultural Studies


  • EMDR trained

  • Sensorimotor Art Therapy

  • Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship TS-EAT



Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (131184)


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